Limited Company Accounts

It may be difficult to run a successful limited company with all the responsibilities it entails. Granted the freedom of being the boss is there, but you are responsible for managing your clients, the services and the finances of the company. Why not let us help you lessen your load? Reed & Co is an accountancy service in the Bristol area that can take control of managing the accounts of your Limited Company. We offer a complete service that includes support and financial advice every step of the way.

Accountancy Service for a Limited Company:

Registration: If you are just starting a limited company, we can be of great help with the registration process. In order to be registered by Companies House, some paperwork needs to be completed.  This will help in protecting your business legally and ensure your name or something too similar isn’t chosen by another company.

Payroll Setup: This can take up too much time and prevent you from doing other important things. It is important to make sure that payroll is always taken care of quickly and efficiently. This is to make sure everyone is paid the correct amount at the right time. Some of the services involve payslip production, processing all payroll deductions and additions, handling all employee questions and so on.

Correspondence management: We will help out with all your financial dealings with third parties. We are professionals with the knowledge of proper formats for document submission and have the correct answers for all tax enquiries.

Year-End Accounts: Every company is required to prepare a formal account set yearly, usually ending the official year-end of the company that is recorded at Companies House. This is to be submitted to HMRC to help with tax calculations. We provide a service that will reconcile your year-end payroll as well as ensure the quick completion and submission of the HMRC forms.

Bookkeeping Services: We handle daily bookkeeping of the company to ensure the smooth running of the whole process. We will help keep your accounts up to date as well as give a clear picture of all your liabilities and assets so as not to be blindsided.

Professional References: For companies that want to acquire additional properties or services such as lettings or mortgages, we can be references for that service. We will stand in and vouch for your company and provide correspondence if need be.

Other services that are available to clients include completion of returns (PAYE return and corporation tax return), set up of the business bank account, VAT services (registration and calculation of VAT liabilities), and filing the appropriate documents with HMRC and Companies House.

It can seem very difficult to handle all the finances as a limited company, especially if you are new to self-employment. So, why don’t you allow us to get you started and you won’t be disappointed. We also offer an all-round accountancy service that covers taxation, accounts, bookkeeping, and payroll for a sole trader, partnership and rental accounts also. To learn more about our services, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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