Taxes For Partnership Accounts

Reed & Co understands that each business partnership is different and requires unique attention. The key to providing the best service is by examining the structure and policies of each business.

Our Services for Partnership Accounts

Partnership Tax Returns

Business partnerships must stay transparent so that the taxes can be easily calculated. We help in completing self-assessment tax return forms and we submit this to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) at the required date. The two returns required for partnerships are:

Partnership tax return: This is the tax return of the joint business partnership to be completed by all of the partners. All of the income, profits, and losses from the partnership will be allocated to each partner on the return. The share each partner receives is based on the profit share entitlement.

Individual tax return: This is the tax return of each partner in the business and the responsibility lies on the individual. There will be a section for the partnership which must be completed with the details put into the partnership return.

Change in Laws

The laws guiding taxes and regulations are constantly evolving. We keep up with this information to ensure that you follow them and your company remains compliant. There is a need for specialist services to explain what each change means and how it affects your company.

Structure Change

There can be a change in the partnership structure such that the agreements will have to be reviewed. We help you avoid confusion during these processes and ensure a smooth transition. Instances of structural changes include acquisitions & mergers, international expansion, and the use of service companies.

Tax Efficiency

We run regular checks to make sure your company operates in the most tax-efficient way. We make sure you do not spend more than necessary while keeping your company compliant with all of the rules.

Other Services

We also provide advice and guidance to our clients in instances of

  • LLP incorporation
  • Profit withdrawal
  • Conversion of the company to an LLP
  • Appointments and retirements of partners
  • Planning an effective strategy
  • Conversion of an LLP to a company

Let us handle all of your accounting at Reed & Co to stay ahead of the new regulations and save costs. Our professionals are certified members of AAT and are dedicated to making sure you remain satisfied.

We have years of experience in this field and promise you quality service that will take away stress and let you focus on core competencies. So if your business is located in Bristol or any of the surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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