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For staff to be paid, there needs to be a form of payroll service. This is a very meticulous process that can take up long hours because it involves a lot of factors such as taxes, sick pay, maternity pay, and other variables. Take that extra stress off yourself and make use of an external payroll service. Reed & Co has a professional team that can handle all of your payroll services while ensuring that it is delivered efficiently. The features of our payroll service include:

Pay and file payroll taxes: Several tax reports need to be filed with the government at various levels. With our payroll service, we can help in filing these employee tax returns and all the required pay reports quarterly to the right bodies. Be assured that all of the calculations will be accurate and compiled correctly.

Unique Payslips: We offer customised payslips for each customer based on their preferences and needs. Our payroll service can also be adapted to fit specific business needs.

Reports on new hires: Whenever there is a new employee in a company, it is necessary to notify the government. Our payroll service will liaise and report to the government on your behalf to inform them of any new hires or employees that may have joined your company.


Paid-time-off management: During work, some employees will ask for time off from work by taking vacations and sick days off. Our payroll service will calculate and account for how much time each employee has used and how it affects their wages or salaries. Depending on your preference this service can also include the facilitation of requests for time off and the approval process.

Payroll reports: Our payroll service offers comprehensive and detailed reports on wages and labour. This can help the employer to stay aware of the payroll services offered and to have a deeper understanding of the operation of their business. This also provides an analysis and a summary of all the staff costs.

Reasons to get us to handle your payroll:

1. Some additional benefits come with us handling your payroll services apart from tax management and payroll managing. Some of these services include different payment options, payroll reports, management of worker’s compensation and so on.

2. There is an adequate support structure in place so that help is always available when you need it.

3. There is no need to train staff on payroll administration. This allows them to focus on other productive aspects of the business and saves a lot of time in the process.

4. We ensure that you are compliant with all of the necessary regulations and newest HM Revenue and Customs legislation. This reduces the risk of any penalties and PAYE areas.

5. Provision of support for auto-enrolment processing.

If you want to expand the service offered from just payroll to other accounting services, Reed & Co tax advisors can handle the taxes and accounts of individuals or businesses in Bristol and any of the surrounding areas. Contact us today and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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