What Is Needed For My CIS Tax Return?

With the start of the new tax year approaching, you should be getting everything in order to sort your CIS Tax Return out, but what do you need to get in order?

Here’s What You Need:

  1. Your Pay & Tax Information (such as CIS vouchers)
  2. What Sites & Companies You Have Worked With
  3. Expense receipts and / or bank statements

For money laundering purposes we also require the following for new clients:

  1. Proof Of Address
  2. Photo ID

What Steps Do You Need To Take?

Don’t worry you will not have to deal with HMRC directly, you can use ourselves to act on your behalf. We’ve been helping people just like yourself claim tax rebates and save money on your tax bill for years.

We will send you the forms required to make us your ‘Agent’, this will then give us authority to speak to HMRC on your behalf to ensure your tax affairs are accurate and up-to-date.

Getting A Tax Rebate

In order to get a tax refund, HMRC require evidence to support why you should be getting this rebate, they will not simply give you a rebate every year, you have to prove everything hence why we need the information above.

Common Mistakes

When it comes to accounting and filing for tax rebates the most common mistake people make is just lack of knowledge on the matter. There is a reason why accounting is such a large industry, professional advice can make a huge impact not only on the amount you receive, but the time and effort you put in to get the rebate is drastically different. CIS subcontractors often file incorrect returns, failing to input correct CIS deduction figures or overstating expenses, this can often lead to a tax investigation and fines.

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