Dental Accountants To Support You

Locum dentists have enough on their plate regarding workloads and helping people get the perfect smile, so they shouldn’t add figuring out their numbers into the mix. Instead, they need specialist accounts who understand their specific needs and work with them throughout the tax year to stay on top of budgets, data, and financial discrepancies.

At Reed & Co. Accountants, we are here to support you throughout your career, whether it’s figuring out a budget or providing a solution for your tax returns.  

We have a vast knowledge of dentistry and what it means to look after your finances, which is why we listen closely to your needs and ensure all records are accurate. So you have peace of mind that your accounting work is being looked after, and we get to do what we love. 

Understanding the dental industry

When choosing a specialist dental accountant, you work with someone with excellent industry knowledge and experience. We understand your goals as a locum dentist and help align your finances to reach them.


Every industry is unique, and you may not operate similarly to someone in the hospitality sector. In addition, locum dentists have particular quirks that need to be addressed, which is why it’s so important to work with someone who understands. 


Obviously, every dentist is different, so our accountants will work closely with you to understand how you run things, where you base your work, and what you need from us. This way, we can streamline our process and start handling your financial situation as quickly as possible, ensuring you’re on the right track. 

Why it’s important to hire the right accountants

Selecting specialist accountants to work with you comes with several great benefits. That’s why it’s so important you choose the right one. 

Saves you time

As a locum dentist, juggling multiple tasks can seem like too much, especially when you’re trying to do everything. By hiring an accountant that understands your business needs, you can increase your productive time and focus on the things you do best. We can handle all your money-related tasks at a greater speed, getting things done in the blink of an eye.


More money in the long run

Although you have to pay for a specialist dental accountant, they can actually help you save money. We know how to identify the best ways for you to save money and spot areas in your budget where you don’t need to spend as much. As a result, you’ll be given a more efficient strategy for handling your finances and may find you have more money in the long run.


Complete peace of mind

The right accountant knows all the dental industry’s tax laws and will handle everything from filling out forms to maximising your benefits. This removes the stress of trying to meet deadlines yourself, and you’ll have complete peace of mind that everything is in good hands. You can then focus on helping your patients and keep doing what you love. 

Will you be handling my money?

No, we do not handle your money physically. Instead, we help you optimise the way you handle your money yourself by providing you with high-end software to help you budget and calculating the best way to pay your taxes. We are always here to provide support, but your money will always be in your hands.

I work well with my current accountant, do I have to give them up?

Of course not. While we would love to be your main accountant, we don’t have to be. You may have built a strong relationship with a previous accountant, but they don’t have the specialist knowledge needed for dental practices. We will work with them and handle the dental-savvy side of accounting.

Can you help me register for self-employment?

Yes. We specialise in working with locum dentists who work for themselves, which is why we can help you register for self-employment. We’ll talk you through the HMRC process, providing insights on what it means to be a locum dentist and how it affects your process. We’ll then submit your application at the same time.

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