A Helping Hand While You Recruit

A recruitment consultant does so much for the business world – helping companies find reliable employees and assisting the unemployed in finding their dream job. But who helps them out when it comes to their finances? That’s where we come in. Specialist recruitment accountants who know how to help you enhance your annual income, handle taxes, and develop bespoke budgets. 

Here at Reed & Co. we have all you need to become a recruitment consultant with our finances completely under control. We know exactly what you need in terms of budgets, data, and taxes so that you can make the most out of your great work. 

We will work with you one-on-one to understand everything you need to succeed financially and create a plan you can follow for years to come. 

Accountants who know what to do

Not every industry or job has the same financial requirements, and at Reed & Co., we completely understand that. Recruitment consultants have specialised needs and we have the specialised knowledge to go alongside them. 

Whether you need help with your taxes and avoiding any late fees or penalties, or you want some assistance discovering how you can budget your expenses better, we can do it all. You will work alongside an expert who will learn the ins and outs of your business and put together a bespoke plan for you to follow. 

We never see you as a client but rather as a partner. You get a say in your finances the entire time, but we will guide you and offer expert advice on how you can increase your cash flow annually and come out on top. 

The benefits of hiring Reed & Co. Accountants

Reed & Co. aren’t just known for our tax planning expertise, as you’ll experience many other advantages when working with us. 

  • A less busy schedule

Recruitment consultants already have enough on their plate with helping the business world, and they don’t need to add sorting out their finances to their schedules. Instead, we take that task off the board and give you extra time to do the things you love or help even more people find the perfect job. 

  • More money each year

What is the goal of any successful business or freelancer? To make more money! And with the right accountant, that is exactly what you can do. The experts at Reed & Co. know how to enhance your budgets, cut out unneeded expenses, and reduce your taxes to ensure you have an increased income by the end of the year.

  • Peace of mind, all the time

Lying in bed at night worrying about whether you filed your taxes correctly or if you’re spending your money correctly isn’t something you have to deal with. When you put all your financial needs in our hands, we will ensure you have peace of mind 24/7. We complete everything at a high standard, so you can rest easy knowing you have the best accountants.

How much do you charge as a recruitment consultant accountant?

There is no singular answer to this question as every recruitment consultant has different financial needs and wants different services from us. If you book a consultation, we’re putting together a bespoke package for you as an individual or business, which will also include the price.

Can I still work with my regular accountant?

Of course! We understand you probably have an accountant that handles various other aspects of your finances, so you don’t have to give them up. Instead, we can work alongside them and take care of a recruitment consultant's specialist tax planning requirements. Together, we will ensure you have everything you could need.

Can we talk before I officially hire one of your accountants?

Yes, and we strongly recommend it. In fact, we offer a free consultation that you can request before you hire one of our accountants. It is good for you to check that we are a good fit for your needs and we can talk to you about how we’ll be able to help you as an individual. You can get in touch by sending us an email or calling us during our opening hours.

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