Accountants That Doctors Need

Locum doctors aren’t your ordinary medical professionals who go from practice to practice, helping patients around the country. They may be extraordinary, but they have financial needs like any other doctor. However, they don’t have a hospital or private practice to handle their tax commitments, so they need accountants who understand their unique workload. 

At Reed & Co. Accountants, we understand that locum doctors need just as much help, maybe even more, regarding taxes, discrepancies, and budgets. 

Our experts have worked side by side with doctors to help them get on top of their finances and bring in as much income each year as possible. We develop a close relationship with our clients so that we completely understand your needs and you’re happy with our services.

Knowledge of the medical world

The medical world isn’t easy to understand, especially concerning finances, but luckily we have accountants who have complete knowledge of the industry. We are uniquely specialised in helping locum doctors and the tax regulations and submissions associated with them. 

We understand that locum doctors have different needs to doctors on full-time contracts or any other industry, so we use our skills to help you stay on top of all your accountancy requirements. With the right people by your side, you’ll never worry about the condition of your taxes again. 

To us, you aren’t just a client but rather a partner. We work closely with you to understand how you work and how we can improve your overall cash inflow annually. No matter what you ask, we will answer and put your needs ahead of our own at all times.

Why Reed & Co. Accountants is right for you

With the right accountants by your side, you are capable of anything. Some of the many benefits you’ll experience when working with us includes the following: 

  • Better time management

When you’re a locum doctor, you don’t only have to look after your patients but also many other tasks associated with moving between practices. With all this on your plate, finding the time to handle your finances can be difficult, affecting the quality of your paperwork. But with specialised accountants at Reed & Co, we are in charge of all your tax commitments, so you can continue saving the world one patient at a time. 

  • Increased cash flow

Specialist locum doctor accountants may charge a little more than your standard tax advisor, but they actually cost you much less in the long term. We work with you to determine how you can enhance your cash flow each year, whether by cutting expenses or finding a more efficient way to handle your expenses. After a little work, you’ll see an increased cash flow annually. 

  • Less stress, more success

When you have a pile of paperwork as high as a skyscraper and little expertise in the financial field, it can become extremely stressful trying to stay on top of your accounts. This is especially true regarding locum doctors with unique tax laws and schedules. However, we take away all this stress and provide peace of mind that your taxes are in the right hands.

Can you help me reduce my taxes as a locum doctor?

Of course. At Reed & Co. Accountants, we believe you deserve as much of your hard-earned money as possible, so we will look at legitimate ways that we can reduce your annual tax bill.

Do locum doctors pay VAT?

This depends on you as an individual. While most of the time you don’t need to charge VAT as a locum doctor because you work directly with patients, sometimes there are other factors, such as how you operate and the organisations you work for. But don’t worry; we will talk you through all of this.

How much of my money do you handle?

At Reed & Co. Accountants, we don’t handle any of your money physically. That will always be safe in your care. Instead, we will find the best ways for you to handle your expenses, budgets, and taxes, offering support and guidance whenever you need it.

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