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We understand that there are many risks associated when it comes to purchasing and managing properties, so we also know that special purpose vehicles (SPVs) are a valuable part of many companies. However, these SPVs have different needs to trading businesses, such as general accounting and taxation. 

The experts at Reed & Co. Accountants have a vast knowledge of SPVs, whether it’s examining the balance sheet or the special tax considerations in place for these types of entities. 

We pride ourselves on being the number one accountants to help organisations with their property SPVs. Our team of skilled consultants will work side by side with you, understanding the purpose of your SPV, and the actions we can take to ensure your finances run smoothly.

What is Special Purpose Vehicle accounting

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a type of legal entity created separately from a parent company to manage projects that pose higher levels of risk. For example, if you’re a property investor, you may use an SPV to acquire a new property. Therefore, if this property is lost or the investment impacts your finances negatively, it won’t affect your main business. 

Since an SPV is smaller than a main company and used for a specific project, it has different needs when it comes to accounting. The balance sheet is completely separate, and you will have different tax requirements to meet. 

Due to this, you want an accountant who really understands SPVs and all the paperwork surrounding them. That’s why at Reed & Co. Accounting, we offer specialist advice and services regarding SPVs to help you keep yours in line with the law and ensure there are no further risks.

Why you need an SPV accountant

Opting for a specialist SPV accountant over someone who handles the general scope of finances comes with a wide range of advantages:

Less time-consuming

You understand your SPV better than anyone, and you don’t want to spend hours having to explain to an accountant what it is for and what they need to do. Instead, you want someone to tell YOU what needs to be done and how this can benefit both you and your SPV. Our experts take things into our own hands and provide you with a seamless service that gets everything done as quickly as possible.  

Fewer monetary risks

Setting up an SPV is often done to better manage risk and prevent a project from affecting your main company. Therefore, you don’t want to add more risk by taking a gamble with your accountant. We have all the services you need and will help you ideally save more money in the long run through innovative processes and specialist know-how. 

Stress-free SPV

We understand you are busy with tasks of your own, so you don’t want added stress by having to handle the accounting side of your SPV. That’s why we’re here – to give you complete peace of mind and ensure you rest assured that your taxes are taken care of. You can continue making your own successes in other areas, and we will do all this for you.

Can you help me with my SPV taxes?

Of course! At Reed & Co. Accountants, we specialise in handling the taxes for SPVs. We know everything there is to know about taxes, such as how much you’re due to pay, when you need to submit your tax forms and the relevant information you need to have available. We are the tax experts, and you can rest easy that everything is handled with care.

What are the tax benefits available for SPVs?

There are a few tax benefits available when you have an SPV. For example, if you are a high-rate taxpayer (40%), you will only pay 19% corporation tax on profits. You will also not need to pay any personal tax if you take dividends of up to the tax free allowance of £500 a year. Contact one of our experts to find out more about the tax benefits available for your SPV.

How much do you charge for your services?

Our rates will depend on the package you choose when working with one of our accountants. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we’ll talk you through your options before providing you with an invoice.

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